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Anonymous Contributions

Some people we met wanted to add their memories to the website but wished to remain anonymous.


Staker Wood, Buxton


One gentleman remembered Gypsies camping at Staker Wood (which now does not exist) near Buxton, in about 1940. He related a story that one winter a farmer had some field gates stolen. The farmer found what was left of his gates on a fire at the camp. The Romany family responsible had small children with them and they were desperately cold. The story goes that the farmer took pity on them and brought them blankets and hot food from the farmhouse.

Goyt Valley

Several local people have mentioned to us that there was once a cafe at Goyt's Bridge in the Goyt Valley. Before the village was subsumed by the Errwood Reservoir in the late 1930's a Gypsy caravan was seen there, on and off over a number of years.

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