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Outside is a brand new arts project just starting in the Staffordshire Moorlands and we want Travellers to be part of it.

If you are a Romany or Irish Traveller living in the Staffordshire Moorlands or if you stop here regularly please read on...


The project will initially run for 3 years and is what we call a participatory arts project. That’s to say, we want local people in the Staffordshire Moorlands to get involved and help to develop a programme of arts and cultural activities that is new, appealing and relevant to contemporary life in the district, is high quality, and probably quite different from anything seen here before.


We believe that every one of us has a creative streak, it just needs to be unearthed and stimulated to flourish. If this sounds incredible to you, but you are curious, or, if you are someone whose creativity fell by the wayside to make way for other life demands, you are probably just the sort of person we’d like to hear from!


We are inviting people from every corner of the district to get involved. We would particularly like to offer those of you who have not previously been involved in arts, creative or cultural activities, the chance to get involved… And even, if you want, to help shape the project. Through this project we aim to create a programme of fun and creativity that exposes the stories and experiences of life in the Staffordshire Moorlands, and what makes the district special to us.


There will be opportunities for Moorlands residents to work with professional artists and creatives to co-create a programme of arts and cultural activities, and it will all take place right here in our district.


But we need your views and we need your help to get it right.

So please, get in touch with us here.

Let us know what we can include in the programme so that it reflects Traveller heritage and culture, tell us the best way of making the project accessible to Travellers, and get in touch if you'd like to get involved or get to know more as our plans unfold.

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