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We think it is likely that Hollinsclough village was a regular stopping place and that it was part of the route that we think Travellers took along the River Dove.


In 1871 the census records a family of 13 Travellers there. They are members of the Bosshill family. Bosshill is an alternative surname used on some occasions by members of the Boswell family. We know from the census that the family were Travellers because Louisa Bosshill's occupation is listed as 'Gypsy wife'. This isn't a very nice way of putting it but it does confirm that the family were Travellers. The census recorder seems to have arrived at the family's abode in a roundabout way and they are listed at the end of the census for Hollinsclough.

So while it is frustrating that the recorder hasn't given us any definite information it seems likely that the family were living in tents or vans somewhere on the edge of the village as opposed to living in a house.

The head of the family, George Bosshill is listed as being a Chairbottomer. This is a common occupation for Travellers at this time and one associated with an itinerant lifestyle rather than a settled one.


We hope to be able to add more information on Hollinsclough when our oral history recording resumes.

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