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Coordinates for Gypsy Lane

Coordinates for the old quarry

Coordinates for Cardlemere Lane

Cardlemere Lane


This route is mostly out of the area of the South West Peak Park but it is a probable route taken by Travellers to and from Hartington.

Cardlemere Lane is a very old green lane that passes by Mininglow on its way to meet up with The Street, the old Roman road that in turn joins the Portway - an old road that leads eventually all the way to Nottingham. We have no doubt that Travellers would have made full use of these old tracks.

Cardlemere Lane cannot be described as exclusivley a Traveller route but there is a short footpath in Biggin known locally as Gypsy Lane which seems to be a shortcut diagonally across a field linking Biggin Main Street to the A515. Where the footpath joins the A515 there is an old quarry in a small wood not far from Cardlemere Lane. The quarry could have been a stopping place.

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