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Oseri & Caroline

Welcome to our website.

It is dedicated to the research, art and music that resulted from a project to preserve, share and celebrate the long and rich Traveller heritage of the South West

Peak District National Park.



New community art project for Staffordshire Moorlands

Oseri and Caroline Boswell (pictured) were a Romany Gypsy couple who travelled with their family between Cheshire and the east coast of Yorkshire, via Staffordshire and Derbyshire. They inspired this project.


In the picture they are living in a barn near Bakewell in the late 1890's or early 1900's.

Caroline is crocheting with silk thread that she may have bought in the Macclesfield area. She may well be making things to sell in Bakewell. The pair of scissors on her knee are folding scissors, the type made in Sheffield, where the family stopped each year.


Oseri's scarf looks like it is made of silk and perhaps this was bought in Macclesfield, a town known for silk work. The Romany name for Macclesfield is Mon Dikla Gav - Silk Scarf Town.

We are very grateful to the many members of the Traveller community who have generously contributed to our research.

Osseri and Caroline (Catherine) Boswell
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